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Our mission is to help teen and pre-teen boys excel academically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.

We are somewhat old-fashioned and conservative in nature. We still believe adults are in charge, and youths should submit to the authority figures in their lives. We expect young people to say words like "please," and "thank you," to hold doors open for ladies, to not wear their hats backward, to keep their hair cut at short, conservative lengths, to address men as "Sir," and ladies as "Ma'am," to keep their pants at waist level, and for their word to mean something. We believe today's generation of young people should be taught the value of looking someone in the eye when speaking to them, of a firm, honest handshake, and how to listen more than they speak. We aren't too keen on youths saying, "whatever," swearing, using substitute curse words, backtalking, rolling their eyes, backbiting, cheating, lying, etc. When we educate boys God sends our way, we believe education is well-rounded and involves much more than math, science, social studies, history, and electives. Those are important... but equally important is developing skills which will enable them to thrive in the adult world - they won't be teenagers/pre-teenagers forever.

Don't be too quick to judge! It may seem like this kind of thinking is outdated, but it still works! Before you leave our site, check out the testimonials page!

House Dad












The house dad has worked with troubled teenage boys for two decades. He's been said to have "the patience of Job." Voted in as the pastor of a local Independent Baptist Church in July of 2019, he made the decision to stop taking boys in for a while as he wasn't sure he could properly handle both responsibilities. As time has marched on, he's come to realize there is room in his life for both pastoring and helping troubled teens - he just has to take in smaller groups of boys than he's taken in the past. The house dad is the primary caregiver and disciplinarian of the boys at Abounding Faith Christian Academy. He loves the outdoors, writing (he's a published author), working with animals, making a difference in the world around him, and saving the best for last - serving the lovely Lord Jesus!


House Mom

From the time she was a little girl, the House Mom always had a desire to someday work in a children's or teen's home - probably because her father had grown up in one, and still has a strong connection to the home that helped him through life. Her parents were in language school in Canada when she was born, as they were in preparation for missionary work. After being born in Canada, she traveled to Africa where she spent the first ten years of her life. After returning to the states, her family planted independent baptist churches, and the House Mom became very active in every church they were involved with. She's currently working as a full-time registered nurse, and serves as a children's Sunday School teacher and pianist at the church her husband pastors. The House Mom is a fantastic cook, and would do anything for anybody. She too loves being a servant to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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