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Curriculum provided by JR Thompson boys houseparent and Hannah Thompson boys houseparent
One-on-one attention
Close supervision
Quality, Christian education
Incentives for academic excellence

A place where academic excellence is encouraged and made attainable for each student we enroll, regardless of his background, nationality, or political affiliation.

Accelerated Christian Education, frequently referred to as A.C.E., is an excellent curriculum choice for parents who want their sons to be taught the truth about their existence — that they were created by none other than the Almighty God! Its material is perfect for those who desire to have their teen or pre-teen sons memorize scriptures from the King James Bible, and for those who would like to see their boys come to understand the value of developing Christian character. It's also an ideal choice for parents who want to give their boys an edge in life, as A.C.E. does not permit students to progress from one unit to the next until they show a mastery-level of understanding of the material they've been assigned.

First Things First

Before a new student is assigned his first paces (or workbooks), we will have him complete a thorough academic assessment and will compare the results of that testing with his prior school records in order to gain a clear understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. Once that process is complete, parents will be notified of the results, and students will be introduced to their first workbooks and assigned daily goals to complete.

Working Independently

Our classroom is anything but traditional. Our students are taught to work independently — each morning they are given a list of assignments that must be completed by the school day's end. Successful completion of the daily goals requires students to read, research, and answer questions from their pace books. Students are encouraged to reach out to an adult anytime they find themselves struggling to grasp a new concept. An adult will monitor students' progress on a regular basis. Students cannot simply slop through their work just to get finished - all work must be done correctly before the daily goals are considered to be met.

Carrying Pencil

Fast Learners vs. Slow Learners

No two students learn at the same pace. Therefore, it is important for new students, and parents of new students for that matter, to understand how things operate here. When a student is a fast learner, he may wish to end his school day upon completion of his daily goals. Unfortunately, our local regulations require students to receive a certain number of hours of education per semester, so we cannot permit them to stop early. Slow learners, on the other hand, may have to forfeit free/fun-time in order to complete any work they did not finish during the school day.

You're going to kick yourself if you allow all of the positions to fill up before you apply... what are you waiting for?

The preliminary application just takes a few minutes to complete, and there's no obligation or fee to apply!

If your son is in or will be in 9th through 12th grade while he attends Abounding Faith Christian Academy, please note that we will accept any credits he's earned from other institutions, BUT...

Even though most Christian schools and other private schools of any kind will accept credits earned from our residential homeschool, and many public schools will as well, there are some public school districts that tend to discriminate against homeschooling families and Christian schoolers. To discourage parents from withdrawing their children from the public education sector, some jurisdictions refuse to accept credits earned from nonaccredited educational facilities. We are not accredited, nor are we seeking accreditation at this time. If you intend to transfer your son into a public school after he returns home from AFCA,we encourage you to speak with your local school board to find out if they accept credits from non-accredited institutions of learning.

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Our Curriculum Of Choice Is Accelerated Christian Education
This Curriculum Is Designed To Prepare Youth For Adulthood
Important Information Regarding High School Credits
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