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Boys don't sleep in cabins, they aren't supervised by older teenager "counselors", there aren't 30 or 40 other campers, and they don't stay on the same property during the entire camp.

The summer camp we offer is an extension of our school program. When it comes to approving campers, current and former students are the first to be accepted! (Students who are with us during the second semester are free to stick around until summer camp begins)

So besides the information given above, what makes our camp so different than all of the others? First, it's small in size but huge in activities! Boys get to go to Yellowstone and Glacier national parks as well as visit dinosaur and prison museums. As we travel Washington, Montana, and Idaho boys get to go tent camping, hiking, swimming in lakes and rivers, etc. We hold daily devotions from the Bible, memorize scriptures, and sing fun camp-style Christian songs!

What about bathing and hygiene? We aren't always on the road! Over the years we've learned that if boys are always travelling, they get a little cranky! So we do have a base - our ranch! We go there for showers, a little extra sleep, to care for our horse and steer, etc. We also take the boys to church on Sundays and Tuesdays.

Because this camp is an extension of our Christian boarding school, the rules and discipline of the school carry over into the camp as well. (Discipline includes repetitive writing, exercises, extra chore assignments, corporal punishment, loss of privileges, etc)

Young men between the ages of 10 and 17 who do not normally attend our school are welcome to attend the camp as well - but there are a limited number of openings, and they are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis (again, with the exception of the fact that current and former students are given first dibs)

The 2021 Summer Camp will go from Saturday June 12th until Saturday July 17th. School-year student costs will remain the same rate as families were paying for the school year. Non-school-year students will be asked to pay a rate of $1800 for the 5-week camp which covers admission fees into all of the museums and parks, food, lodging, transportation expenses, as well as the costs of the activities the boys will be participating in.

This year's main attractions include: The Museum of the Rockies, The Old Montana Prison & Auto Complex, Lewis & Clark Caverns, Ape Caves, Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, Garnett Ghost Town, Bannack State Park, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Ross Creek Cedars. We will be doing a lot of tent camping, as well as swimming in lakes and rivers. Boys will also help out at our ranch with mowing the lawn, taking care of our horse and steer, as well as doing their own laundry, cleaning the restrooms, washing dishes, etc. We will be holding daily devotions from the Bible and attending church on Sundays and Tuesdays.

We plan to have no more than 6 students attend this year's camp... as of 04/07/2021 we have filled 4 of the 6 spots. Would you like to take one of the two remaining spots?

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Our 5-Week Summer Camp Is Unlike Any Other
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